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The Propane Safety App

(Rated Best Propane App: WLPGA & VPE Competitions)

Propane Safety Mobile on Tablet

No more clipboards…
Document all work on your smartphone or tablet.

Introducing Safety Pro’s Safety App for critical safety and service tech paperwork. Drivers, Technicians, Managers can ditch paperwork and do everything on their smartphone or tablet in less time and in a way that never gets lost and is easy to read plus everything gets auto-checked for improved accuracy and insta-reported to the office saving time and effort.


Finally a Solution to the Paperwork Liability Issue

The number 1 failure of propane companies during depositions is improper documentation leaving propane companies unprotected one third of the time. Eric Leskinen’s Training and Compliance System Plus the Propane Safety App devised over the past 2 decades provide a system that protects your company, provides peace of mind and improves operational efficiency.

4 Step Process

1. Download App

Conduct Training

2. Enter Data

Conduct Training

3. Discrepancy Management

Conduct Training

4. Repeat

Conduct Training

What Clients Say

Conduct Training

Eliminate Field Errors

1. Instant feedback and Auto Verification identifies field errors to users while they are at the job site.
2. Over 1000 Safety and Operations videos provide Remote Coaching of critical code and proper field operational info.
3. Auto Verification also reports any field deficiencies to management while the field user is on site reducing callbacks and potential catastrophic incidents

Conduct Training

Look Professional

Finally an easy to use forms, documents and inspections with your Logo easy to read for your customers and staff

Conduct Training

Automated Management and Filing

Field work is summarized for you so you can pull reports in seconds and eliminate clerical filing and paperwork

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More Than Any Propane Mobile Solution

Based on Propane Marketers requests Propane Safety App does much more to ensure your compliance and operational efficiency. Some of the 55 modules include:

  • Safety inspections
  • Tank/Cylinder Inspections and Tank Management
  • Interruption-of-service inspections
  • Duty to Warn documentation
  • Cathodic protection inspections
  • Photo documentation
  • Monthly meter creep test & hose inspection
  • Sales Agreements
  • Liability Releases
  • Service Work Orders
  • Full Safety Training and Management System
  • Unsafe condition reporting
  • A complete scheduling system
  • Customer 360 onsite look at all prior work at a given location
  • Service or Sales Invoice Creater
Propane Safety Mobile on Tablet